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Sunday, December 21, 2008

To a girl who really likes lolcats

I enjoyed your profile as I also am drawn to lolcats. Recently I began laying the foundation for a completely novel online gaming community based on this meme. The premise is simple: virtual cats programmed to behave like real cats wander around a maze filled with narrow, monorail-like beams, invisible objects of all kinds, and a kindly walrus. Human players, through avatars, observe the cats via a panopticon-like virtual lens and press buttons with phrases like "Oh noes!" "Ize got a murder-urge" and "Invsble uvulaectomy!" The resulting parallel universe of cat-based destruction comedy brings joy to our world.

Of course, if this virtual experiment doesn't work, I will release 1000 rabid, stray cats into an insane asylum.



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