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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Los Angeles Experience

Although I've lived in the LA (not Louisiana) area for a few months now, I haven't until a few days ago had a prototypically LA experience. What was that experience?

Picture this: a bus slows to a stop on the right lane of a busy street. Cars zip past its left, but one unlucky driver gets stuck behind it. He's clearly agitated, but he can't pass it. So finally, when he can pass it, he slows down near one of the passengers getting in, opens his window, and screams, "GET A CAR!"

I like this move for two reasons. First, if the fellow did get a car, it would only make things worse for the driver. Buses, horrible as they are, actually cut down on congestion. Second, he seems to think that the only reason people take the bus in the first place is that they're just too damn lazy to man up and get a car.

Damn, freeloading bus-riders.


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