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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A response!

This is from that denim designer I said seemed "mean." I might need to take that back for it seems she has a sense of humor. Her response and my reply to said response below:


cyborgs never listen. instead of beating him, maybe you should try water boarding- i hear it's totally legal & humane to boot.

re: your list of why you can't date a girl... that will probably be a problem. "father" tells me that the end is near & that we must gain as many new "brothers" & sisters" as possible before the spaceship comes to take the chosen ones... so yeah... you really need to be open to it.

also... i don't do art BUT if you have any excess back skin to spare, i am making a coat for my hairless cat. she gets really cold when i take her for walks.




I checked my book on the Geneva Convention and I am vexed to report my confusion. Guillaume, my cyborg, is only 50% human so "humane" water boarding only partially applies! As this is one of those gray areas of human morality, the beatings will continue.

So, I am in agreement with your Pater. Clearly the end is nigh. I am glad to hear others are also encouraging the apocalypse so maybe, just this once, I will bend my rule about joining a cult. What kind of uniform do we wear? And what body parts must we sacrifice to persuade the mother ship to change her orbit and approach our planet?

And now, what you have been waiting for. The pièce de résistance (or perhaps, the coup de grâce, regardless, it's better in French) a glistening descriptiton of my junk -

It was made by Wa-Chen. It is capable of carrying 700 people together with 260 tons of cargo. The four sails do not face directly forward, but are set obliquely, and so arranged that they can all be fixed in the same direction, to receive the wind and to spill it. Those sails which are behind the most windward one receiving the pressure of the wind, throw it from one to the other, so that they all profit from its force. If it is violent, (the sailors) diminish or augment the surface of the sails according to the conditions. This oblique rig, which permits the sails to receive from one another the breath of the wind, obviates the anxiety attendant upon having high masts. Thus these ships sail without avoiding strong winds and dashing waves, by the aid of which they can make great speed.

Boo-yah. Mission accomplished: You are horny.


More to come!


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