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Sunday, July 01, 2007

More MMA

Okay, to go with the picture I sent of Fedor fighting God, here is Fedor armlocking a bear.

This picture comes up in a very funny (seriously!) discussion of the question, "who in UFC, or even in mma in general, do you guys think would have the best chance versus a hearty bear? state your reasons why and which method they win by. And no i am not kidding"

My favorite answers (admittedly, some of these are funny only if you know who these people are):

Ya a rear naked is the only real chance a fighter might have unarmed and even then, a bear might be able to simply reach behind its shoulder and tear your face off, i don't know how flexible bears are."

Arlovski could win.
"If he grew ALL of his hair back. I mean ALL of it, then he can fool the bear into thinking they were buddies, and when the bear is sleeping, then Arlovski could kick the crap out of him.

bear would win by a ripped-throat knock-out in 10 seconds."

I like how ripping someone's throat out counts as a knockout.


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