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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's the Explanation?

Okay, so Joe and I are together in Dayton with the parents. So why haven't we blogged more about their eccentricities?

Well, it turns out that when we're together we just talk to each other rather than the parents. Happily, though, Mom finally came through. Here's what we had for dinner tonight:

1. Tomato soup with meatballs and sour cream. Delicious!
2. Asparagus with grated cheese. Yummers!
3. Stewed tomatoes. Sweet, vegetably goodness!
4. Roasted pork stuffed with garlic cloves. Sensational!
5. Crispy-skin roast turkey. Like Peking turkey!
6. Prime rib. High quality, baby!
7. Bread. You can't beat bread!

And finally, for dessert ...

8. Guacamole!


Well, not exactly guacamole. Actually, it was avocado pudding. With raspberries. In other words: guacamole with raspberries.

Mom tries new things. And actually, this worked. It just needed more sugar. And not sour cream, as Mom's initial impulse dictated.


  • Gawd...just reading that made me miss Mama Gresssis' cooking...

    By Blogger Mikey Y, at 2:38 AM  

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