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Friday, January 05, 2007

Fight Fans

I just saw the Fedor v. Hunt fight.

First, it continues my string of unbroken mis-predictions. I thought Fedor would destroy Hunt in about two minutes. It ended up taking him about nine, and he certainly didn't destroy him. Arguably, if Hunt had fought Fedor a year from now, a different outcome would have resulted.

Second, it's only arguable that improving Hunt's game would have helped matters. For Fedor might be some kind of zombie or Frankenstein's monster. On the one hand, Hunt tested Fedor like I haven't seen him tested (though I haven't watched many fights of his). But on the other, what does it take to beat Fedor? He gets solidly punched in the face on two separate occasions by a behemoth puncher, he appears to have a kimura totally locked in and breaks out of it, and after being lain on top of for six or seven minutes, occasionally punched, and fighting against submissions, he just stands up and starts swinging like the fight just started. Does he not get tired? What's with him?

UPDATE: Apparently, Pride Refs really don't want to stop fights.


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